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Rodent / Pest Control in NYC

At Mite Buster, our team of pest control experts is ready to tackle any type of pest infestation, in both residential and commercial settings. When it comes to your home, you need to do everything in your power to keep your family safe and healthy. We specialize in organic, natural pest control in NYC. As for commercial buildings, making a good first impression in business is key. By keeping your offices free of pests, your employees and clients will not have to worry about setting foot in your building. When you call our licensed, bonded and insured pest control company of NYC, we will rid your home of any insects or rodents that may be troubling you. The following is a detailed list of the pests we can protect you from:

Bed Bug Removal

We offer a full crack and crevice treatment to catch bedbugs hiding in tight spaces, and use hypoallergenic, non-toxic methods of removal.

Bed Bug Removal NYC >>

Rodent Removal

We will do our best to outsmart these clever critters and save you from disease as well as damage to your building’s infrastructure.

Rodent Removal NYC >>

Roach Removal

We employ a monthly/quarterly roach management program after we perform a certified inspection on your home or office to come up with a preventive solution.

Roach Removal NYC >>

Cockroach Removal

We will make sure to rid your home of the most common household pest. Cockroaches not only give off an unpleasant scent but are known to feast on human and pet food.

Cockroaches Removal NYC >>

Flea Removal

Feeding on the blood of humans and pets, these insects clearly have no place in our buildings. Since they are hard to catch, call our experts to get the job done right.

Flea Removal NYC >>

Tick Removal

We offer a thorough inspection and treatment plan to get ticks off your property once and for all.

Tick Removal NYC >>

Ant Removal

Since there are so many species of ants, we apply a case-by-case approach to eliminating them. After a thorough inspection, we will come up with the proper approach.

Ant Removal NYC >>

Termite Removal

We use the most up-to-date equipment and resources to make sure that your property is not being compromised by termites.

Termite Removal NYC >>

Pigeon Removal

Along with cleaning up the mess that these pigeons leave behind, we will spray a solution that will prevent the birds from returning.

Pigeon Removal NYC >>

If you are currently suffering from an infestation in your home or office, you need to call the professional NYC exterminators at Mite Buster to receive efficient, reliable service before the pests multiply and spread. For more information and a free pest control quote, give us a call today at 1-347-334-6060.

MiteBuster provides rodent & pest control in all 5 boroughs of New York City: